Fee Schedule

The following fees are applicable to 2015 students (download fee schedule). 2016 fees will be decided by the committee prior to the end of 2015.

Stafford Heights Kindergarten offers one of the lowest fees in our area, at just $695 per term.

For Group One children, this equates to just $27.80 per six-hour kindy day. (Group One operates five days per fortnight, averaging 15 hours per week).

For Group Two children, this equates to just $34.75 per 7.5 hour kindy day. (Group Two operates two longer days per week, totalling 15 hours per week).

Other fees that may be applicable to your child include:

Waitlist fee - $10 payable when submitting waitlist form.

Enrolment deposit fee - $180 payable upon acceptance of our placement offer (covers $50 annual fee per family for inclusion in the organisation Stafford Heights Kindergarten Inc, and $130 credit towards Term One fees).

Roster levy – $35 per term, fully refundable upon participation in weekend roster and working bee.

Voluntary building fund – optional, tax deductible contribution to building maintenance.

Pilates – optional activity at $1.75 per week.

Excursions – small fees depending on the activity, usually between $5 - $15.